Spreker Piratenweekend – Birgitta Jónsdóttir over democratie

Met trots kunnen wij vermelden dat Birgitta Jónsdóttir, het gezicht van de succesvolle IJslandse Piratenpartij, op zaterdag 28 januari aanwezig is bij het Piratenweekend. ’s Avonds zal Birgitta de keynote van het Piratenweekend verzorgen met als titel “Democracy; the Good, the Bad & the Ugly”.

Cutting through the complexity and easy solutions with an inclusive narrative embracing the fact that democracy demands our attention and care, freedoms are never to be taken for granted. We seem to be in a permanent state of a cold war – not only between powerful forces but divide and animosity keeps us at war with just about anything, be it drugs, religion, poverty, country people vs city people, sport teams, gender, race, age, political parties, food choices, danger. I don’t think we have been at a time before where everything we know is becoming more alien and out dated yet we seem terribly frightened when it comes to have the courage to shed the old world and build something we can feel we belong to and reflects our values.

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Het Piratenweekend zal plaatsvinden op 27, 28 en 29 januari in Delft. Het volledige programma kun je hier bekijken en meld je vooral alvast aan voor het Piratenweekend.

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